Socialisation — Create your own community!

Homeschooling and questions about socialisation go hand in hand!

Parents thinking about homeschooling wonder. Concerned friends and family query. ‘Experts’ interrogate! We seem to hear “Don’t you know that children need to socialise?” everywhere. It is often the main concern for homeschooled children — so will our homeschooled kids end up hermits who can’t communicate and hide in dark places!

1 (02 of 4) The answer is, sure they could, so could anyone, schooled or homeschooled.  Parents need to ensure that their children’s needs are met. Homeschool parents are aware that they are responsible for all aspects of their children’s development.

I am happy to say that our local homeschool community is thriving and very active! We have lots of one-off events, ongoing classes as well as a couple of different co-ops that we can access. If we had the energy we could spend everyday, out and about, socialising. Where do all of these opportunities come from? There is no ‘socialisation officer’ for homeschoolers, making sure this is happening. Why is the homeschool community here so AWESOME? The answer is parents, ALL of this is organised by homeschool parents.

1 (01 of 4) So what do you do if you live in an area where your homeschool community isn’t as active? You get involved, you find a few likeminded parents and you invite them to join you, even if it is only for a play! If you can’t find a local homeschool group (on facebook) you start one (and advertise it in the Australia wide groups). If you are an introvert or not someone who likes to plan things find a friends who loves it. You can change your community in a way that works for you and your family!

1 (03 of 4) Soon you will start to notice what works for your children. Watch to see how they interact in different settings. Do they thrive in smaller groups but shy away from bigger groups? Do they love being in the limelight. Do they learn better when they are given the opportunity to share their knowledge with peers? Once you know what your children need you will be able to shape your community to work for you!

Get involved. Create and shape YOUR homeschool community!

1 (04 of 4) There are lots of homeschool posts about socialisation out there! Here are a couple of interesting perspectives from people who I love, Kate from An Everyday Story Why Socialisation IS an Issue for Homeschoolers and Rachel from Racheous Loveable Learning Socialisation

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