Little Miss 5, the animal rescuer

Sage wants to be an animal rescuer. She draws plans for rescue centres and thinks about what her rescues would want and need. She plays imaginary games rescuing animals. Most of the time she can be found with a cat, the dog or a guinea pig. She also wants to be a vet, that way she can help any sick or injured animals too. She says that she isn’t sure if she could do some parts of being a vet, like putting animals to sleep or “yucky” surgery though.

She can’t decide if she wants to rescue Guinea pigs, Cats, Mice or sometimes maybe Insects (not sure of the market for that one)! She is only 5 so it is all fun and games although she REALLY wanted to rescue some real animals and asked about it constantly…

We found that we could foster pregnant Guinea pigs (and their babies once they are born).

To Sage it was a fun idea and she probably didn’t consider the harder side of rescuing. We did. Rescue animals are surrendered or rescued from many situations not to mention pregnancy and birth can be complicated already. We were worried about how hard it could be. After talking we decided to try… and it has been hard at times.  Not all of the mums and babies survive. We have lost one mother, one premature baby (after a week of hand feeding every 2 hours), had 2 stillborn bubs as well as one of our own girls passed. Each time we grieve and feel the loss… And each time I am amazed at my miss 5. She is of course sad but her main concern is to evaluate what happened to make sure it doesn’t happen again. We tell her sometimes nothing we do will change the outcome and she accepts that although she still wants to make sure we do the best we can. She seems content to know that they are well looked after and they are loved even if it is for a short time.

And then of course the other hard part is taking the happy healthy mums and bubs back to find a forever home and again although she would rather keep them all she is amazing.

She really wants to get out into the field, rescue animals from abuse and neglect in the community. She wants to know what else she can do while she is still only a kid… I am not sure how to tackle that question just yet, I don’t think Ryan and I are ready (although I am sure she probably is)!

I have no idea what her future will hold although she is already an animal rescuer!


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