What about high-school/university?

Often people will accept that you could homeshcool for early years but wonder “What about high-school/university?”

High school will be no different for us, if our children would like to homeschool for their high school years, they can. Of course they will be learning about subjects that myself or my husband may not be familiar with although as I mentioned  in previous answers.

  • The most important thing is that our children learn how to learn.
  • There are times, even now, that I will learn WITH my children.
  • Many fabulous resources are available (and we have found that even more so for older children)
  • We are happy to find experts if there is a subject that we can’t find answers to.

The content may be more advanced although we believe that our children will be capable of learning whatever they need to. We have no plans to change our learning approach for high school. Having said that I should clarify we are always adapting what we do. We are adaptable and continually look for new information to make sure what we are doing is best for our children, although we have no specific plans to change for the reason of high school.

Many people believe (mistakenly) that our homeschooled children will not be accepted into universities. There are so many ways to get into university! There are first rate universities all around the world that love homeschooled/Unschooled children because of their ability to think critically and their capability for autonomous learning. Also because many homeschooled children are given the opportunity to follow and study their passions, they are advanced in the area of study they are interested in. I have a number of homeschool friends and acquaintances whose high school children are completing (or have completed) advanced courses in their chosen subjects so once they apply for university they will have prior learning.

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