How are your children kept track of/marked/assessed? Do you have to report to someone?

We have touched on this in “How do you know they are at the right level/know what children their age know/have learned the curriculum?” as well as What options are there, do I get help? How can you homeschool unless you are REALLY clever and know everything? “ although I will discuss in a little more detail here:)

We are registered in Queensland (QLD), Australia the rules vary greatly from state to state (let alone country to country), before you make any decisions or changes to your children’s education find out a little more about the regulations in your area.

In QLD children must be registered when they are 6.5 years old. As I have said in previous posts there are a number of different approaches to registering to homeschool (from a distance education school through to Unschooling via the HEU) although I will tell you more about our choice which is Unschooling registered through the Home Education Unit (HEU).

HEU families in QLD are asked to send a detailed learning plan each year as well as work samples from the beginning and end of the year with a discussion of the child’s development in relation to the pieces of work and how it was achieved. It may sound daunting (and at first it was) although once we understood what we needed to complete and prepare it was simple enough. The HEU sent us back our approval with some advice on what to implement for our learning and reporting next year and it is done for another year:)

As unschoolers we do not follow a curriculum and have been able to meet the requirements to date. As I mentioned each state and country have different requirements so please find out what they are in your area:)

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