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    Hi! I am Sarzy, I am a Mum, I am a photographer, I am homeschooler and lover of all things beautiful!

    Let me tell you a little about me and We Live We Learn :)

    I want this blog to be a beautiful place to visit. I have always "seen" stories in my head, so I love that I can use images to tell a story (or part of one). Often I will not write much to accompany my images. They are the story after all. To me pictures capture something more than words — I am sure that comes from my dyslexic brain, we are visual people.

    This blog began as a place to share my photo a day project, a project about my everyday life with my family and what I am grateful for each day. I started the project in 2010 when I realised that I did not appreciate the little things in my life. My project was born to remind myself of my beautiful, extraordinary, ordinary life. I would recommend a similar project to anyone — making the time to find something to be grateful for each day has really changed the way I look at my life (for the better!).

This blog is also dedicated to our learning. How could it not be when it it such a huge part of our life! We homeschool and our style is Unschooling with a Montessori twist. My hope is that by sharing I will: help demystify homeschooling and Unschooling; help others by sharing ideas and resources; encourage by showing my successes and failures.

    I love beauty around me and I hope to show that an ordinary life is beautiful.
    I look forward to having you here!

ABC with a sensory twist


Today we filled a crate with bunch of water beads  (I order them on ebay) the kids always love to play with them!

Sage is trying to learn alpherbet sounds  so I thought I would throw our alpherbet magnets into the mix and ask her to pull out letters and tell me the sound they make:)


_MG_9250 _MG_9118 _MG_9148 _MG_9182

So William could be involved and still be practicing something he pulled out letters and had to write a word that began with the letter. He is a reluctant writer so any reason to write is worth using!


Notice the lovely colour coded placement of the letters! That just happened, they are organised little people;)

_MG_9158 _MG_9215 _MG_9131-Edit _MG_9220

Don’t they look pretty up on out shed wall!


April 14, 2014 - 8:36 am

Angela Fraser - Hi! Really love this activity idea – thanks so much for sharing your incredible photos – they are very inspiring. Looking forward to exploring more of your website.

April 14, 2014 - 9:01 am

admin - Thank you heaps for coming and for your lovely comment. I feel so happy to when I see that people enjoy what we are doing :)

How can you homeschool unless you are REALLY clever and know everything?

What options are there, do I get help? How can you homeschool unless you are REALLY clever and know everything? 

Easily. Each family homeschools differently, the way you teach will be what is best for you. Also learning WITH your children is not a bad thing!

Some people do their homeschooling through a distance education school, where you are given targets and curriculum as well as a teacher. You are able to discuss learning and meet with your teacher to ensure everything is going smoothly. Distance education schools also help with your reporting and dealing with the department of education.  If you are really worried about meeting the australian curriculum then distance education may be a good start.

When I was researching homeschooling I also found that you can purchase a full curriculum from a number of sources. If you are interested in a certain way of schooling (such as Montessori or Steiner) you should be able to find places that offer these options as well as more mainstream options too. Although I have not bought any of these myself, I understand these will give you enough structure and outcomes to ensure that your Home Education Unit (HEU) reporting is simple enough.

Many homeschoolers use different curriculum and ways of learning for each subject and child, finding the best curriculum for the child and their style of learning. There are so many out there that you may need to talk to other homeschool parents to help with your research! With this option you will need to keep track of what you do and compile a report for the home education unit (HEU) yourself.

And like us you may do something more varied like unschooling (which I have mentioned here) and there are also varying degrees of Unschooling.  With technology I have found that if my children would like to learn something, all I need to do is google it. I have found that somewhere, something or someone will be able to teach me and them more or direct us to somewhere, something or someone who can. Doing your HEU report when your school is not structured is probably a little harder although completely achievable and we have only had good experiences with the HEU.

With each way of learning and teaching it does not matter if you personally know the content before you begin, learning something together is great. There are times that I will read and study just a little ahead of my children so I am able to answer their questions, for example when my daughter wanted to learn about butterflies I went to Teachers pay Teachers , Youtube and google to watch, read and downloaded a bunch of things for myself. I then used what I thought was appropriate for the children to set up a learning activity for them. It did not matter that the day before I had only a very basic idea on the subject. It is the same with any subject from Match and English to Art. There are other times that I simply learn it with them, we sit down and work it all out together.

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