Shared room with personal space!

When we decided that the kids would share a bedroom (so they could turn the other room into a toy and learning area) we thought it was important that they still had a space that they could make their own:)


_MG_1801 _MG_1807 _MG_1802

_MG_1808 Each have a dresser and a shelf — the dresser is to display their interest of the moment. The shelf is for their “best” stuff.

_MG_1800 _MG_1799

I encouraged their interest area to be unabashedly educational and they both love them. Education and life are one and the same in our house so it seems logical that they have a little personal interest area that is for something they are learning. They both simply LOVE their little space!  A little “strewing” is always a good thing:)



Sage’s interest area has a chalk board, ABC sheets, a letter chart and chalk & pencil.
Will’s has his BUG items including pet rainforest snails, bug catcher, bug books and some plastic bugs. He also has his globe there because we find it useful when looking up insects to “see” the area they are from.



Their top shelf is a little area to show off things that they love  :)
Sage has a photo of her and Dora from Christmas with Nanny and Granddad, a carousel that Nanny and Granddad got her along with her name and a night light (I guess her theme is Nanny and Granddad!!)

Will has a few things he has made like a painting, his heart-map, a money box and a rock he painted along with a photo of one of our cats and an elephant.

I simply love styling so I had lots of fun making their areas look pretty! As proof that they were once tidy I took photos!  ;)
Lets see how long we last keeping them this way…



April 22, 2014 - 2:34 am

Thursday - LOVE your blog – the photos are amazing; it’s like visiting a natural learning art gallery each day. Thank you for sharing!!

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