Rainbow muffin tin crayons — DIY

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I kept finding bits of broken crayons in our craft caddy and pencil cases… What could I do with them? I am a terrible hoarder so couldn’t bring myself to throw them away.

So one afternoon I said to the kids “Okay collect all the crayons you can, we are going to use them to make BIG rainbow crayons” I wasn’t really expecting much excitement but they asked “What do you mean” when I said “We will break them all up and melt them” they were in! They were searching out crayons, peeling and stomping on them all around the house, I had to ask they contain the stomping on crayons to the kitchen!

Once they had peeled and broken the crayons they places them into some cheap silicone star shaped moulds (If you are using silicone ones I  would recommend using ones dedicated to craft as a thin layer of crayon is very hard to remove). A couple of the moulds had a bit of a colour “theme” such as blues and greens or pink purple and red and others they just threw everything in. Then into the oven to melt they went:)


  1. Find all of your old crayons
  2. Stomp on them to break them up
  3. Place the pieces of crayon into muffin tins
  4. Place in oven at about 180c for 10min or until melted
  5. leave them to cool
  6. Draw on everything!


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