Preparing our gourds for drying!!

A few months ago I came across gourd seeds on eBay and decided that we needed to grow them!


The kids and I looked up some crafty things that we could use them for and thought that bird houses would be fun and cute!

So when the seeds arrived we found a great spot, planted them, watered them and waited —  now they are ready to collect and dry! 

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After a little research we found the best way prepare them for drying.

How to dry gourds


1. Rinse and disinfect the skin. Drying them so they don’t rot means you need to reduce the exposure to bacteria and fungus.

Disinfect with bleach solution or full-strength vinegar. We chose vinegar because bleach is not very kid friendly! I only had brown vinegar so I am hoping it does the job!

_MG_5508-Edit _MG_5519 Rinse with clean water

_MG_5517  Dry with a clean cloth


2. Choose an area for Drying. The environment is crucial so that gourds don’t rot. The area must be:






The kids and I decided to put them under our house on an old bookcase, it is covered in dust and cobwebs but is seems to cover our list! I hope they get enough air circulation in the bookcase but if it looks like they aren’t I will rig up some sort of open shelf thing.

 3. Positioning in drying area. Do not allow them to touch each other to ensure adequate circulation.


Now we just need to have a look at them every week and make sure to scrape any mould off (if they get mould we also need to re-disinfect). If there is a soft spot (rotting) we remove that gourd from the area. And wait until they are all completely dry and rattle when shaken (which can take a few weeks up to months).


Then we create cute little bird houses! When I decided to buy the seeds I had no idea how much dedication we would need to get them from seed to craft but it has been fun finding out!


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