You may have seen our lovely butterfly basket? It is jam packed with beautiful butterfly items and the kids just love it. The only problem with so many attractive things in one place is that it can be distracting!  I find the best way to ensure that they use everything is to remove a couple of items at a time and place them out ready to explore.

Sage loved this butterfly life cycle by Trillum Montessori (we got it in a Bugs Bundle).

I can not rave enough about how lovely the Fandex is, the format really gets their attention. Sage (5) finds the information too detailed to keep her attention for long, although she is a pretty busy little girl and really needs to be physically active. William (7) on the other hand finds the Fandex to be great and would ask us to read them to him all day long. Both of them really enjoy the laminated butterfly specimens finding them interesting to look at under the microscope and with their magnifying glasses.

We also tried to find the species of butterfly of our specimens in the Fandex although unfortunately it seems none were listed.



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