Comparing Bugs — Venn Diagram


I love venn diagrams! They are a great way to compare and contrast, so was really pleased to find a couple of them in this Bugs! Literacy, Math and Science Bundle by Trillium Montessori the entire pack is jam packed with buggy activities!

When I was printing and laminating William asked “When can I play with these!?!” so they passed the attractive to kids test too!


We placed a plastic example of an insect and an arachnid on the page for reference.


I also found Will’s resin bugs (that I found on ebay) to use reenforce the learning.



Then came the little arachnid and insect facts!

_MG_2096 _MG_2101

The GREAT thing that came from this is that William became really interested in compound eyes so we got to find out more! William watched a video about the Evolution of eyes which has started a whole new topic for us! Yay!

I love the way that something that seems so simple can lead into so much more! Will noticed that Insects have compound eyes so he has been learning all about eyes and the evolution of eyes since this:)


February 19, 2015 - 7:09 am

Creately - very creative and clear venn diagrams.I think kids will learn comparison with set theory with understanding

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