Engaging learning spaces – Maths

I will admit that when I decided to set up at dedicated area for maths related bits and pieces I was nervous! I thought it was going to be tricky to make maths look like fun… I guess that my memories of long, bland and tedious maths lessons at school had stuck with me!

I need not have worried! I set up this area one evening while the children were in bed, and first thing the very next morning both of them were at the dining table counting or adding! It was a great reminder for me firstly not to put my preconceptions onto the kids and secondly if it is beautiful and engaging they will want to explore!

We Live We Learn, Maths area (01 of 1)

I will post more about what we have in the area over the coming weeks:)Until then here are some activities that have come about simply by having this area available.

William teaching Sage to count to 100

William learning to add big numbers

Sage using counters for counting and simple adding

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