Bugs! Bugs! Bugs! A little more strewing.


William has been interested in bugs for a while now. We are even planning on using a few buggy activities for our our report at the end of the year:)

We have a small area with a few buggy items!


Our bugs basket has:


A Bugs FANDEX . I recommend FANDEX, this bugs one is great! The information is interesting and detailed.


There is also another Bug book full of interesting facts.


A bug journal. William records bugs that he finds in it (as well as one for Sage).

_MG_1664 _MG_1671

Along with a magnifying glass and coloured pencils — so that if they take the basket with them they are ready to go and don’t need to collect anything else.


And of course the Bug catcher!



The area also has a few plastic bugs, our pet rainforest snails and a glob for looking up locations that are mentioned in the FANDEX.


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