Photo alphabet (ABC) cards (from our Treasure Hunt)

The kids and I did an alphabet treasure hunt HERE and these are the photo-cards we made from our hunting.


_MG_5844-Edit_MG_5938-Edit_MG_5847-Edit B _MG_5832-Edit_MG_5834-Edit_MG_5925-Edit C _MG_5859-Edit_MG_5860-Edit D _MG_5901-Edit_MG_5910-Edit E _MG_5879-Edit_MG_5882-Edit F flower-1_MG_5885-Edit G _MG_5797-Edit_MG_5799-Edit H _MG_5902-Edit_MG_5909-Edit I _MG_5887-Edit_MG_5881-Edit J _MG_5869-EditBoth of them really wanted to be JUMP so we only have one for J


_MG_5926-Edit_MG_5927-Edit L _MG_5845-Editladder  M _MG_5854-Edit_MG_5861-Edit N _MG_5922-Edit_MG_5928-Edit O _MG_5918-Edit_MG_5919-Edit P _MG_5842-Edit_MG_5843-Edit Q _MG_5915-Edit We almost had I QUIT here too;)



_MG_5830-Edit_MG_5838-Edit S _MG_5835-Edit_MG_5839-Edit T _MG_5819-Edit_MG_5821-Edit U _MG_5892-Edit_MG_5897-Edit V _MG_5816-Edit_MG_5817-Edit W _MG_5783-Edit_MG_5784-Edit X _MG_5809-Edit Y _MG_5913-Edit_MG_5942-Edit



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