FREE DOWNLOAD Parts of a plant worksheet — Worksheet and scavenger hunt

Plant samples
We used a simple sheet that I made, you can download it  FREE here: Plant samples PDF



We love gardening , both the kids really like planting and growing things. We have been harvesting our own seeds to replant and the kids wondered why the seeds are either inside the flower or in the fruit. So today I thought they might like to learn a little more about the parts of a plant and what they do.

_MG_8816 _MG_8817

The first step was to collect 4 samples of different parts of plants. The sample pieces could be: flower, fruit, leaves, seed, stalk or roots.

_MG_8829 _MG_8827 _MG_8824

Once they had collected the samples they needed to draw or glue (or both) each sample onto the work sheet.

_MG_8834 _MG_8845 Then we did a little research samples and what it does to keep the plant alive and healthy and went on to discuss why each part of the plant is important and how the parts interact with one another. If you are looking for more information about the parts of a plant have a look at our FREE Printable HERE 

_MG_8846 _MG_8856 Sage did some colouring in and William did a little worksheet to see if he could recall what he had learned.

_MG_8850 _MG_8858 _MG_8859


I also used a couple of other free downloads from Teachers pay teachers which is free to join and has lots of free and cheap resourses. The Freebies used were:

Plant Mini-Word Wall

Plant Parts and Functions

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