Craft for Kids – Free Cuddly Cat Toy Pattern – Homemade

cat sewing.p

Make your own cuddly toy!

Not only will your child end up with a handmade toy but they will also be developing fine motor skills at the same time!

Can you imagine how proud they will be and how much they will love a toy that they have made!

You will need:

  • Fabric scraps, about twice the size of a sheet of a4 paper
  • Texta (felt tip pen) for drawing on the fabric or
  • This Cat Pattern
  • Pins
  • Cotton
  • Needle
  • Buttons for eyes
  • Stuffing (Pollyfill)
  • A tiny scrap of co-ordinating fabric
  • Darning needle (or large needle)
  • Wool or thick cotton for nose and whiskers

What to do:

  • Fold your fabric in 1/2 making sure it is inside out.
  • Draw your cat with the bottom of the cat on the fold – so that way your back and front piece will be matching and still attached to each other.
  • You can draw your cat free-hand as we did or you could use our free cat pattern (above). To use the pattern cut it out and pin it to the fabric to cut around.
  • Cut out your cat shape leaving about 5mm around the picture

1 (01 of 21) patern

1 (02 of 21)

  • Pin around the cat making sure to leave about 3cm open as the place you will attach the tail

1 (03 of 21)

  • Use your needle and thread to sew around the edge, using the line as a guid.

1 (04 of 21) 1 (05 of 21)

  • We found that Sage was having trouble with the distance between each stitch so I drew dots for her to put the pin through so that each stitch was an even distance apart

1 (06 of 21) 1 (07 of 21) 1 (08 of 21)

1 (09 of 21)

  • This part can take a pretty long time! Sage asked that I help her for a little here and I was happy to as I was so pleased with her efforts:)
  • Pin the tail (leaving the end open for stuffing)
  • Sew the tail in the same way as the body

1 (10 of 21)

  • Turn body and the tail back in the right way

1 (11 of 21) 1 (12 of 21) 1 (13 of 21)

1 (14 of 21)

  • Stuff the body and tail with polyester stuffing (Pollyfill)

1 (15 of 21)

  • Pin the tail to the body, use the space that you left open and push the end of the tail into it.
  • Use your needle the thread to sew the tail on (Depending on the age of the child the adult may need to do this as it can be a little tricky)
  • Cut two little circles of the co-ordinating fabric
  • Place eyes on top of the circle
  • Sew to the cat (again an adult may need to help here)

1 (16 of 21)

  • Use your darning needle and wool to make a nose and whiskers (as pictured below)

1 (21 of 21) 1 (18 of 21)

Your Cuddly toy is ready to hug!

1 (20 of 21) 1 (19 of 21)

July 11, 2014 - 1:06 pm

Kate - An Everyday Story - She’s lovely. Mine love sewing too. Jack has difficulty with the spacing too; I really like the dots. I’m going to try that next time :)

July 11, 2014 - 2:28 pm

admin - The dots were good, they really helped :)

July 21, 2014 - 7:07 pm

Cerys from Rainy Day Mum - What a fantastic beginners sewing project and a lot more fun than what I remember sewing from school.

Thank you for linking up to Tuesday Tots and just to let you know that I will be featuring this over on Rainy Day Mum.

July 21, 2014 - 10:08 pm

admin - Thank you! It was so much fun and she is still a fav teddy :)

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