Dyslexia — the stuff I can’t do and why it doesn’t bother me!

If you have been to my blog before you probably know that I am dyslexic (I found out last year when we found that our oldest is too). You will also know I am proud of being dyslexic, I don’t see it as a disadvantage, it is what makes me who I am! I am creative and see things in ways that many don’t and I am happy about that. Why would being me bother me!

I struggle with certain things that seem simple to the masses… One of these is that I am terrible at pronunciation of new words. As an example, when reading a novel and there are characters with unfamiliar names, I will have no idea how the names should be pronounced. I recall reading Shogun (a book set around 1600 in Japan) and because I was unfamiliar with Japanese names I did not know how the names were pronounced. This was many years ago, before I knew I was dyslexic, so I was too embarrassed to ask someone to tell me the pronunciation… So how did I read it?  I exchanged the names with ones I was familiar with. Each time I saw certain names I would think of familiar name to use instead and continued to read with the new name…

At the time I had no idea I was dyslexic but I did know that not everyone had to exchange names for simpler ones while reading! I was mildly embarrassed although I was so used to it that I thought little of it – it wasn’t until finding out about my dyslexia that it came to mind again. Why am I telling you this? Because I want you to know that I don’t care! I can’t pronounce new words easily but I can visualise and I can create! I want you to know that if you too struggle with something that others find simple, it is because you have some talent that others don’t! I know that the struggles dyslexics have are directly related to their skills (Please read: The Dyslexic Advantage: Unlocking the Hidden Potential of the Dyslexic Brain). I want people to laugh with me and not feel awkward when I tell them stupid stories about how I misread things or that I don’t know my multiplication facts! I don’t care about those things, I love reading, I love writing and I don’t feel that I am missing out because of my dyslexia. I am so glad that my brain is like it is!! I can design 3D things in my head, I can picture light to create images and so much more… now if I couldn’t do these things then I would be sad… it would be devastating!

If you are different, if you find something hard, if you struggle, please know that you are amazing. If you go to school and try your best but still don’t top the class, please know you are wonderful! If you find recalling history facts (like dates) impossible but love the STORY of history, you are incredible! If you are a parent of dyslexic (or any other difference) kids, please tell them they are marvellous! Please know that your difference is also your amazing, wonderful, incredible and marvellous TALENT. Yes your difference is also your talent!


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