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Engaging learning spaces – Maths

I will admit that when I decided to set up at dedicated area for maths related bits and pieces I was nervous! I thoughtView full post »

Fairy Dust. Magic wishing dust.

Sometimes I hear so much giggling from my two that my heart almost explodes… They giggle the most when they playView full post »

Making blood! Free human blood printable.

Free parts of blood printable — Blood Hands on blood! You will need: Red water beads = red blood cels White foamView full post »

Encourage writing. Writing area.

The area has our DIY little mailbox (DIY instructions here) and a tin to keep letters received. A caddy with theView full post »

DIY – My little mailbox. Encourage writing.

You will need: Box (about the size of a shoe box) Some of the kids old art (or old magazines etc) torn into pieces aboutView full post »

Craft for Kids – Free Cuddly Cat Toy Pattern – Homemade

Make your own cuddly toy! Not only will your child end up with a handmade toy but they will also be developing fineView full post »

Craft for kids — Scented Bath Oils — Homemade gift

While you are here don’t forget to enter our giveaway to win a $50 Sweet Elephants voucher — Click here to seeView full post »

Rainbow muffin tin crayons — DIY

I kept finding bits of broken crayons in our craft caddy and pencil cases… What could I do with them? I am a View full post »

5 ways to use Rainbow Blocks / Giveaway closed

Rainbow blocks are seriously beautiful. The moment that I saw them, when a friend posted a photo of light streamingView full post »

Growing Bacteria – Day/part 2

More Microbes! After 24 hours our gelatin mixture was set and we were able to collect our samples. If you missed usView full post »

Microbe Matching – Inspired by Montessori 3 part cards

You may have seen our Introduction to Microbes area here? In that post I explained that the kids and I found thisView full post »

Growing Bacteria – Part/Day 1

Searching for experiments with microbes I came across this germ experiment which I thought would be a great place toView full post »

Growing Bacteria — Free Printable!

View our Growing bacteria experiment Day/part 1 here. Microbes are so interesting and gowing bacteria is a great way toView full post »

Rainbow Shapes & Free Printables

You can download these Rainbow Shape Printables here — shapes Laminate the cards and then have the kids use aView full post »

Making Mega Microbes!

As you may have seen we have recently set up a microbes area.   We used a few pictures of microbes for ideas.View full post »

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